Weird Tricks That Promote Weight Loss

Weird Tricks Promote Weight LossThe first thing that comes to mind when exercising is mentioned is losing weight. Well, this is true considering the fact that regular exercise will ensure that your heart beats faster hence increasing the metabolism process. There are different techniques that people will opt for in losing weight. Some of the weirdest tricks are as discussed below:

Eating while facing the mirror
Eating while facing the mirror will make your mind alert to the foods that you would be taking in. Certainly, by looking at yourself eat will bring in a lot of questions about the type of food that you are eating. For example, chances are that you might ask yourself whether you are eating healthy foods. This awareness will ensure that you consume less and thus help in reducing weight.

Eating with men
This is somewhat funny but it is very true. Ladies, what do you try to do when eating next to a man? You try to show out that you are a ‘lady’ by eating less right? Indeed ladies would try their best to prove to men that they do not eat a lot. This eventually would lead to a reduction in the food intake and in the end also help in reducing weight.

Paying meals with cash
The idea of paying meals with cash is simply to restrict you from consuming more than enough. Eating and paying with your credit card will do the opposite to you. Chances are that you might be tempted to eat a lot since you are certain that your meals are covered. Paying with cash restricts you since you know deep inside that you only have a few dollars to spend on food. This will reduce your food intake by a considerable margin.

Take a snap of what you eat
Other people might simply note down what they eat on a regular basis as a move to ensure that they eat right. Well, this works but taking a snap is more effective. The idea of taking a snap of what you eat gives you something to look back at. This will also give you a sense of awareness on what you constantly eat. For example, eating fries on a regular basis will give you the impression that you seriously are not eating healthy meals.

Blue is the color to bring down your appetite
Blue color suppresses hunger. Take a walk down the streets and you would not find many restaurants painted in blue color. It is important to ensure that you eat while surrounded with blue colors as this will prevent you from eating too much.

Eat bananas, peppermint and apples
An apple day keeps the doctor away.’ This is very true considering that apples keep one’s hunger at bay. The same effect is felt when eating bananas. These types of foods are essential in making sure that you do not eat a lot of food during the day. Ultimately losing weight will occur automatically. Peppermints are known to make someone get the urge of taking in a lot of water. This in turn reduces the portions of food taken during any meal. Ensure that you have bananas, peppermint and apples in your diet to help in weight reduction.