4 Reasons Why Fermented Food Is Important

Why Fermented Food Is ImportantHave you ever wondered why some people fancy eating fermented foods rather than raw and fresh foods? Well, this critique has dug deep into this and has found some answers for you. One thing for certain is that fermented food proves to be of great importance to your health. This situation applies to foods such as fermented milk, yoghurt, grains that used to be prepared through fermenting etc. Below are some of the health benefits that you get by taking in fermented food.

Healing of the intestinal tract

Truth be told, most of the foods that we consume these days are processed and refined with chemicals to ensure that they go for a long time before rotting. Certainly, viewing this on another angle will reveal to you the health risks that this poses on us. For example, these processed foods damage the gut. This is through blunting of the villi i.e. fingers on the gut that grab and ensure foods gobbled down are processed. This implies that intestinal walls are barely left without any form of nutrients to absorb. Eating fermented meals/foods is an advantage to intestinal tract considering the fact that it would repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria. The resultant effect is that pH balance would be well maintained along the gut.
Fermented food can be of great benefit to those that suffer from gluten or lactose intolerance, Crohn’s sickness, yeast infections, constipation, allergies etc.

Provision of enzymes that help in the digestion process

For proper and efficient digestion of food into the body, enzymes are very essential. It is for this reason that eating fermented foods is considered to be an added advantage as it aids in the digestion process. This is through provision of important enzymes that break down food for easier digestion. For example, for milk to be easily digested lactase enzyme should be present to break down sugar lactose to be absorbed into the body. The idea of fermenting milk ensures that such enzymes multiply hence breaking down of food is much easier which also makes it easy for the body to assimilate.

Bacteria found on lactic acid enhances the immune system

The bacteria found on lactic acid is of great benefit to the body as it enhances the immune system and also strengthens the gastrointestinal. This implies that someone with substantial amounts of the lactic acid would be able to ward off diseases with ease. It is worth pointing out that beneficial bacteria in the body has got several advantages including:

• Help the body system to identify foreign substances
• Help the immune system to terminate the foreign substances
• Aid in the stimulation of mucus in the gut i.e. for easier digestion
• Assist WBC (White Blood Cells) in fighting infections

From the above, it is quite evident that fermented foods are of great benefit to the body as it improves one’s health in different ways.

Increasing vitamins present in foods

Research has also proven that fermented foods have got high quantities of vitamins as compared to fresh foods. For example, dairy products that are fermented have got substantial amounts of folic acid. This acid is important to pregnant women as it aids in giving birth to healthy babies. Other present nutrients that are essential include: vitamin B, biotin, riboflavin and many more.