Should You Drink Bottled Water Or Tap Water?

Should You Drink Bottled Water Or Tap Water?Pollution, contaminants, chemicals and price are some of the things that come to mind when thinking about drinking water. Is the water that you drink safe? Bottled water or tap water: which is safer? Should you drink bottled water because it is treated or should you drink tap water because it’s cheaper? Let’s take a look at some facts surrounding bottled water and tap water.

Bottled Water

The label on the bottle can be misleading. Although, it may depict a pristine mountain stream, it doesn’t mean that the water it contains is pristine and pure. In some cases, the water is just glorified tap water being sold thousand times its original cost. Some companies may provide bottled water that comes from natural springs and pristine sources, but some just treat water from the municipal supply.

Bottled water is easier to carry around, they are refreshing and some of them also taste better than tap water. But bottled water is not better protected or better regulated than tap water. It cannot be said that bottled water is safer than tap water. Read more

Why We Should Avoid Using Plastics In Everyday Life

Avoid Using PlasticsEveryday you do things to keep yourself, your family and your environment safe. You eat right, exercise, recycle and do so much more. But sometimes, it is the simple things you forget you do that have the most impact on your health and environment. Recently, there has been news about the harmful effects of plastic. Plastics are everywhere and they are used on a daily basis. Whether it is your lunch box, drinking bottle, storage containers or carry bags, they are mostly made of plastic. Plastics are being used in a number of ways and they are available in many varieties. But the problem is that some of them contain toxic substances that can influence their properties such as hardness, texture and color. These properties are changed by manufacturers to reduce cost of the item or to improve its performance, although it is clear that the substances or additives being present in plastics can cause harm. Read more