Juicing and Its Health Benefits

Juicing Health BenefitsProbably you are well aware of the fact that fruits and vegetables are very important to the body. But the question that you ought to be asking yourself is whether you know how to get the most out of these fruits and veggies. Do you? Juicing is the best way to gain the most out of nutritional values that fruits and veggies offer.

In addition to the fact that you would be getting nutrients from the fruits and veggies, water content present in them will also help you in waste elimination. Perfect juicing will also ensure that fiber content present in fruits and veggies is well tapped. In order to get fiber content from fruits and vegetables, it is recommended that you use softer vegetables and fruits. The idea of using a juicing machine will separate important fiber that is also important in the body. Certainly, this is one of the reasons why the final product of juicing while using a machine is super fine liquid.

Eating fruits or juicing?
Studies have revealed that enzymes and vitamins that are essential to the body are mostly obtained from juices of raw veggies and fruits. In order to achieve the nutritional value that 16 oz of juice offers, you would have to eat approx. 12 apples, spinach (8lbs) and carrots (2lbs).

This implies that juicing offers an added advantage in terms of getting the most out of the fruits and vegetables that you eat on a regular basis. Also, keep in mind that juicing makes it easy for the body to rapidly digest vitamins and enzymes present in these fruits and veggies. Therefore, digestive organs would have enough rest without using a lot of energy in digestion.

Best time to juice
Medical experts agree to the fact that juiced fruits and veggies offer the most nutrients when taken immediately after being juiced. This is simply because letting the juice settle will pave way for oxidation process to occur and this eventually compromises the nutrients that were once present. Nonetheless, storing juiced veggies and fruits in the refrigerator prevents the oxidation process from occurring. A tip to keep in mind is that, the best time to drink your juice is 45-60 minutes before eating any heavy meal. This is the best time for the body to gain all the nutrients from the juice.

Healing advantage
Juicing is not simply meant to refresh you after a tiresome activity. Research proves that juicing has got several health benefits including:
• Simplifying weight loss
• Improving energy levels in the body
• Enhancing the immune system
• Strengthening the bones
• Provides a glowing skin
• Reduction of strokes, cancer and heart disease

As you can see from the list provided above, juicing will help in the prevention and reduction of some of the most deadly diseases of the century i.e. strokes, cancer and heart diseases. Additionally, the other benefits are some of the most crucial that we all seek even in supplements that we buy over the counter.

Fresh juice or bottled juice
If you are in a dilemma whether to go for fresh juice that is homemade or bottled juice then you simply have to think of the nutritional benefits that you would be getting from each. First, for fresh juice you would be gaining the most nutrients as earlier mentioned. On the other hand, bottled juices have got additional chemicals to help them last in stores without rotting. These chemicals ruin their nutritional values. Make a wise choice!