3 Healthy Techniques to Cook Food

Techniques to Cook FoodMany people have the misconception that in order to cook healthy meals, you just have to be a chef or rather you have to buy expensive cookware. This is not the case since there are many ways to prepare your food and gain the most nutritional values from them.

It is very important to understand how to prepare healthy meals as this would also contribute to your healthy lifestyle. For example, preparation of food using 15 ml of oil would simply add more calories to what you are preparing. A good technique that you ought to embrace is roasting. This not only eliminates fat that you added to your food but also ensures that fat present in what you are preparing drips away.

The following are some of the most recommended ways of preparing healthy meals without compromising nutrients on foods. Take a look


Just as the name suggests, this is simply cooking food by using steam. Steaming can be done in a number of ways including: placing a holed basket on top of boiling water, using foil or electrically made steamers. The main reason why steaming is preferred is because it avoids the use of fat when cooking. Moreover, nutrients present in foods are well preserved using this technique of healthy cooking. If you were thinking about preparing shellfish or simply any fish, this is the cooking technique that you should use. Other potential candidates in this category are: veggies e.g. green beans, asparagus and zucchini. Chicken breast and fish fillets can be prepared using steaming.

Stir frying

This cooking technique takes a very short time but it needs high heat during cooking. This means that food would be cooked within the shortest time possible. To ensure that all the ingredients added cook well, it is recommended to cut your food into very small pieces. Keep in mind that constant stirring is very important as this would ensure that food does not stick on the pan you are using.
To ensure that you get the technique right, please ensure that you use the best cooking equipment that you have. For example, choose a pan that does not allow food to easily stick on its sides. You can also take advantage of a wok to stir fry your meals. Some of the best foods that you can prepare using this technique include: cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, chicken, pork, tofu, bell peppers and scallops.

Using a microwave/ microwaving

This is so far the best way to prepare meals in a healthy way. The main reason for this is the mere fact that food takes a very short time before it gets ready. To top this, it does away with the idea of adding oil to food during preparation. This infers that you would be reducing the calories that you eat by using a microwave. Nonetheless, people normally complain that microwaves dries out foods. Well, this can be avoided by sprinkling some water on the food prior to heating it. Research proves that microwaving veggies is the best way to preserve their nutrients. For instance, if you microwave broccoli, you would be preserving vitamin C present in it. All you have to remember is to use a container rather than placing the veggies directly inside the microwave.