What Are Healthy Fats and How You Can Add Them to Your Diet

Healthy Fats Can Add to Your DietIt is quite amazing on the investments people make these days to simply gain their health up to par. Certainly, health concerns are the talk of the century. If you are not healthy, chances are that this would even affect you emotionally. All these health concerns boil down to what you eat during breakfast, lunch time and your evening meals. The most important nutrients that are often neglected or rather negatively perceived are healthy fats. Fats are not just fats since there are those bad fats and good fats which are essential to the body. For example, some of the good fats that you probably have heard about are the famous omega 3 fats.

Get it right!

Low fat foods do not mean that they have good fat. There are many foods these days that are labeled low fat, fat free etc. but they still pose a lot of health problems when ingested on a regular basis. For example, ice cream (fat free), potato chips, candies (low fat), cakes and cookies. All these foods have not been that good enough to our bodies. Despite all the negative threats that fats pose, it is worth mentioning that good fats would be of great importance to the body system. For example, the omega 3 that have been mentioned ensure that your emotions are controlled, mental enhancement, reduction of fatigue and most of all controlling your weight.

Below are some of the sources of beneficial fats you ought to be aware of:

Oily fish
Make a habit of eating oily fish considering the fact that they are considered to be the main source of omega 3 fats. Additionally, they also offer vital minerals and vitamins to the body. Vitamin D for example can easily be obtained from oily fish. In order to add oily fish as part of your regular diet, you should consider buying salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovies etc. You can alter the way you prepare these meals to ensure that you do not get bored. For instance, you can roast or bake them. Moreover, tuna or sardines can be prepared for breakfast with crackers or bread.

Monounsaturated is easily obtained by eating avocado regularly. In addition to the fact that you would be gaining nutritional fats into the body, avocado also offers fiber, potassium and proteins. Therefore, avocado is more than just a fruit considering its health benefits. This fruit can be added as dressings, salads and even topping your sandwiches.

There is a wide array of nuts to choose from and all of them have got nutritional values that would benefit you. Some of the most popular nuts include: almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia, pistachios, Brazil nuts and peanuts. A good number of nuts contain monounsaturated fats while a few of them have omega 3 fats e.g. walnuts. To ensure that you consume nuts regularly, you can add them to your cereals as part of your breakfast. Nuts can also be consumed with bread by either crumbling them or by using nut butter from the stores.