Health Benefits of Stretching

Benefits of StretchingThe first thing that people do when they hit the gym is to engage in stretching. This is the first and the most important thing to do before working out. This does not work in the gym only, even those that run as their physical activities have to stretch first before running. Experienced trainers argue that stretching ensures that any form of injuries is prevented. It makes a lot of sense if you are required to stretch prior to working out. Remember you muscles have been idle and the last thing that you should do is to tear them up by training abruptly. In addition to ensuring that you are not injured, stretching is known to increase your flexibility and relieving one from pain. This critique discuses other benefits of stretching to the body and your overall health.

Increasing the blood flow
As earlier stated, before training the body was totally at rest. This infers that there are some parts of the body that probably were not receiving blood. Engaging in training without stretching makes the parts to swell due to tissue hardening. Therefore, stretching ensures that blood flow occurs to all the parts of the body. The fascia is opened up meaning the body can now be exercised in any way. Pain will be prevented at all costs and if this had occurred then healing would be initiated after proper stretching.

Initiating motion
When faced with any kind of injury, the doctors always recommend that you engage in stretching and other minor exercises. Stretching ensures that the body does not go into stillness. Stillness only prevents the body from carrying out natural healing. Therefore, the body should be stretched to initiate motion which will pave way for natural healing to occur in the system.

Oxygen flow
This is not just air; it is a natural healer. When faced with stress it is advocated that the body should receive enough oxygen flow. This helps in healing and alleviates pain that is being faced. Wonder why people breathe deeply in order to reduce pain that they are facing? It is simply because oxygen works to their favor. Stretching allows oxygen to flow to all body parts which is quite beneficial to the body in a variety of ways.

In the same way that exercises help in relaxing the body and the mind, stretching also has the same effect. By stretching the body is relieved from stress and anxiety hence making sure that you completely relax your nerves.
When stretching to achieve the health benefits that have been singled out above, it is important to note that the entire body should be stretched. Do not just stretch the lower body and forget about the upper body. Ensure that you stretch from top to bottom. Some of the stretches that you should engage in are:
• Neck stretches
• Back stretches
• Arm stretches
The above will warrant that you gain the healing power that stretching has to the body. Once you are done, you can now continue with other forms of training that you planned to carry out.