5 Simple and Cheap Cellulite Treatments

5 Simple and Cheap Cellulite TreatmentsThe word “cellulite” can make some women cringe and as a matter of fact, at least 80 percent of women have cellulite. Cellulite is basically fat stored under the surface of the skin. The connective tissue strands under the skin are responsible for holding fat and when these strands are not woven together tightly, the fat under the skin can bulge out between them and create ripples on the surface of the skin. Since women have thinner skin than men, the problem is more prevalent in women. Cellulite occurs due to many reasons with some of the common ones being diet, hormonal issues, genetics, toxins and lifestyle choices.

Cellulite tends to get worse with age and therefore it is essential to get rid of them as soon as they start to appear. There are a number of things that women can do to treat cellulite. Here’s a look at 5 simple and cheap cellulite treatments.

1. Dry Brushing

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to get rid of cellulite is dry brushing. This process, removes toxins from the upper layer of the skin, improves lymphatic damage and improves circulation of blood through the skin. Dry brushing with a body brush made of natural fibers can help get rid of cellulite in the thighs.

2. Coffee Scrubs

Massaging the skin with coffee scrub can also help reduce cellulite. Coffee scrub offers exfoliation benefits which can stimulate blood and lymph flow. It is also believed that caffeine has a tightening effect which can be beneficial for the skin. To make coffee scrub you will need 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 3 tablespoons and brown sugar and ¼ cup of coffee grounds. You can combine the ingredients to make a paste and massage the affected areas at least 3 times a week.

3. Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, cellulite is basically fat under the skin that is not held properly by the connective tissue strands. So in order get rid of cellulite, it is essential to lose weight. Getting rid of the extra kilos through exercise and proper diet can go a long way in preventing cellulite. According to a number of studies, a reduction in cellulite is noticed after reducing weight.

4. Get Rid of Toxins

Toxin removal from the body is not only beneficial for reducing cellulite, but it is also good for the overall health of the body. Toxin accumulation results from being exposed to pollutants, pesticides, chemicals and consuming refined sugars and packaged foods. There are some simple ways of cleansing the body to get rid of toxins. These include drinking plenty of water, sweating through exercise and deep breathing.

5. Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Juice

It is important for improve elasticity from within to remove cellulite and one of the best ways to achieve this is by drinking lemon and cayenne juice. Cayenne pepper has properties that can speed up metabolism. It is known as a fat burning food that can heat up the body naturally and improve blood flow as well. Regular consumption of cayenne pepper and lemon juice can remove toxins and help you get rid of cellulite. To make cayenne pepper and lemon juice, squeeze one fresh lemon into a glass of warm water and add 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper.