The Quickest Ways to Boost Happiness

The Quickest Ways to Boost HappinessEveryone experiences emotional highs throughout their lives in many different ways. It could be child birth, promotion, graduation, new job and so on. But these moments only give temporary happiness. Once the moment is over, the happiness level reduces gradually and over time the moment of happiness becomes memory only. Happiness is directly related to well being and we all know how important that sense of well being is. A happy person also tends to live longer and make the most out of their lives. Happiness can come in various forms, but there are a number of ways in which you can boost your happiness. Given below are some scientifically proven ways that will boost your level of happiness and make you feel better.

Change your attitude

Keeping a positive outlook is a healthy habit. While being an optimist gives happiness, it also prevents heart diseases and strokes. A number of studies conducted at the Harvard University have revealed that optimists are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than pessimists. Know that if you are a pessimist you will develop more health problems as you age and this is the reason it is important to change your attitude from now. With a positive outlook, you will become a better and a much happier person.

Work Less

Too much work means stress and the more stress you have, the less happier you are. You must ensure a good work-life balance which means working for about 40 hours per week and not more than that. Balance your free time between families, taking part in community club programs and weekly outings with friends.


One of the quickest ways to reduce stress and boost happiness is by savoring. To savor means to notice things around you and take extra time to prolong the moment of enjoyment. This could be anything taking place around you or things that you do including preparing meals, talking to friends, hanging out in the park, etc. When you linger and take it in, you enjoy the experience which gives you more happiness. After some time, this will become a habit which you will not want to break because of the level of happiness you get out of it.

Give something

It is good to give something to someone once in a while. This could be money, food or anything that will make the receiver happy. Studies after studies have proven it that giving do not only benefit the receiving, but it gives loads of happiness to the giver as well. An act of kindness makes people feel less isolated, stressed and angry.

Look at pictures of people you love

Keep pictures of people or things you love the most on your smartphone or computer. Look at the pictures whenever you feel low and think about the good moments you spent with those people or at those places. This will give you instant happiness. Also send the people you love the most good wishes whenever you miss them. This will show them that you miss them and think about them.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is not only healthy for our body but it’s also a mood booster. Researchers have found that eating chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good. Make sure to opt for a chocolate with 75% or more cocoa. Since the chocolate is high in calories don’t eat too much because you can gain fat.