5 Ways To Avoid The Flu

5 Ways To Avoid The FluThe flu season is here and if you don’t take the right steps and precautions, you could be the next one to sneeze and wheeze in your bed. While the 2012 flu season was the worst ever, it is believed that at least 20% of people are affected in any given flu season. Having the flu to many of us means suffering. You have to be in bed for at least a week and suffer headaches, body pains, fever and even vomiting. Those who have a weak immune system or those who are already suffering from a health condition such as heart disease, asthma and diabetes are more likely to be affected during the flu season. Flu can claim lives and every year, at least 3000 people die as a result of having flu.

So if you don’t want to be knocked out this flu season, here are some proven strategies which can help you avoid the flu.

Get vaccinated

One of the best ways in which you can protect yourself is by getting the flu vaccine. Getting vaccinated early protects your health and it also protects those around you because there is less chances of you getting it and passing it on to others. People who are allergic to eggs can benefit from egg-free vaccines and if you are healthy, you can get the nasal spray.

Wash your hands often

Did you know you could get the flu by coming into contact with a contaminated surface such as a door handle, coffee making machine or work surface? If a sick person has sneezed in the room where you are, you can pick up the virus by touching the surfaces around that person. For this reason, it is important that you wash your hands often. You must also form a habit of washing your hands after coming back from the mall, movie, school or work or any other place where there were lots of people.

Avoid infected people

If someone around you is coughing or sneezing or is sick, you must keep your distance. You can contract flu virus from another person as it travels through the air so staying away from people who are sick is a good way of preventing the illness. Moreover, you must avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes when you are in a crowded place because these are the places from where the virus can enter the body easily.

Eat healthy food and exercise

As mentioned before, the flu virus mainly affects people with a weak immune system so it is important that you boost your immunity by eating healthy and fresh food such as fruits and veggies. After all eating healthy food on a regular basis is much better than fighting the flu. Exercising is also as important as eating healthy because it enhances immune function.

Keep yourself sanitized

It may not be possible to wash your hands all the time, so experts recommend keeping an alcohol based sanitizer handy at all times. Whether you are at work, at home or out and about, you must keep yourself sanitized at all times. But ensure that your sanitizing gel or hand wipes are alcohol based as these are extremely effecting against warding off germs and viruses.