Aphrodisiac Foods To Boost Your Love Life

Aphrodisiac Foods To Boost Your Love LifeEverything that you eat has an effect on your hormone balance, mood, energy level or your brain chemistry. There are certain foods that you can eat to increase your stamina. There are also foods to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Some foods even make you smarter. Now, let’s take a look at some aphrodisiacs that can boost your love life.

An aphrodisiac is basically any substance that has an effect on your sexual desire. For centuries, people have been making elixirs and potions to increase pleasure and evoke desire. There are two categories that aphrodisiacs fall into. The first is one that works on the mind and the second is one that affects certain body parts. There are some chemicals that can actually help you relax your mind and open up news ways of thinking. There are also some substances that provide the feel-good hormones so you get into the mood.

The kind of lifestyle that many people tend to live these days, there is more stress, tension and depression than love. General and hormonal imbalances also cause some people to experience low libido. No matter what the reasons are for your decreased libido, there are aphrodisiac foods that can actually boost your love life.


Oysters are known as an aphrodisiac and as a matter of fact, this claim has been backed by some scientific findings. Oysters contain zinc which can correct deficiencies related to arousal. It also helps get the mind into the mood.


Honey is one of the foods that are responsible for promoting the production of testosterones in males. It also contains a variety of minerals that can help the body make quality use of estrogen. From many years, honey has symbolized marriage and love. In fact the word honeymoon demonstrates the idea that after the marriage, the couple have to drink honey wine to strengthen their bond of love. Honey is a food that is commonly used in elixirs that can boost love life.


Chocolate contains neurotransmitters and these are the same chemicals that are released during love making. No wonder there is a strong connection between love making and chocolate and the fact that lovers tend to give each chocolate gifts when on a date.


In many parts of the world, the avocado tree is also referred to as the testicle tree because of the way avocados hang from the trees in pairs. This fruits packs a powerful nutritional punch as it is a good source of magnesium, carotene, potassium and many other minerals and vitamins. Avocados are aphrodisiacs that can boost immunity and stamina.

Chili Peppers

Although these are commonly used to spice up food, they can also be used to spice up your love life. Consuming chili peppers is related to an increase in the heart rate, increase in body temperature and it can also give you the feeling of invigoration.


Salmon is a healthy fish that contains omega 3 fatty acids. It is a good source of protein, but did you know that salmon can also help you improve your love life. Omega 3 acids can lead to an increase in the level of serotonin which can get you into the mood. The velvety texture of the fish can also stimulate the senses.

Besides these, other foods that have a reputation of being aphrodisiacs include: strawberries, watermelon, pomegranate, figs, artichoke, pumpkin seeds, almonds and walnuts.