7 Foods To Fight PMS

7 Foods To Fight PMSMood swings, anxiety, irritability, headaches and bloating are some common premenstrual symptoms. You may not experience all of them, but a single one can spoil your day. It is common to reach out for salty food to curb that craving or even get mad at your best buddy over a small thing. There are over-the-counter medications available to help find relief from stomach cramps, but did not know that there are certain foods which can actually help you during this time of the month. Let’s take a look at 7 such foods that can help fight PMS.

Low Fat Yogurt

Think of yogurt when you are craving for something filling. One cup of low fat yogurt can provide good amounts of calcium. Foods rich in calcium can actually lower the risk of developing PMS and this has been proven by a number of studies and researches.

Grilled Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acids can help overcome the blues that come along with your period and grilled salmon is one of the best sources of fatty acids.

A number of studies have shown that eating grilled salmon or other foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids can boost your mood and help keep depression and anxiety at bay.


Complex carbohydrates such as those found in quinoa can provide you with energy and boost your mood. It can also make you feel good and less irritable. According to a number of studies, consuming low-carb food during this time of the month can cause anxiety, depression and mood swings and this is the reason, women must ensure that they take complex carbohydrates.

Sprouts And Broccoli

Fiber can help conquer menstrual bloating and foods that are rich in fiber are Brussels sprouts and broccoli. These foods provide good amounts of nutrients and help you get rid of bloating, puffiness and gas. In fact, any type of food that is high in fiber will work best during PMS.


Sleep disturbances are common when women are pmsing and due to lack of sleep, women experience severe stomach cramps which leads to more pain. Bananas contain melatonin which is a hormone that promotes sleep. This hormone is secreted at night and ensures that the natural rhythms of the body are regulated.


By consuming foods that are rich in magnesium, you can prevent water retention in the body. One of the best foods that you can have during your time of the month is beans since it contains high levels of magnesium. Magnesium is also responsible for regulating the effects of serotonin which is a “feel-good” chemical that impacts mood. According to studies, women who have lower levels of magnesium in the body are more susceptible to PMS. Beans are best eaten when included in pasta dishes, stir-fry dishes and salads.

Eggs and Chicken

You need to start your day right to get rid of that sluggish feeling. Eggs and chicken are good sources of protein which can help you keep alert throughout the day. Vitamin B12 provides energy and healthy fats so you stay satisfied and energized.