101 Simple Health Tips

1. Eat breakfast101 Simple Health Tips
2. Don’t skip meals
3. Drink more water
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
5. Drink green tea
6. Eat homemade soup
7. Limit restaurant food
8. Eliminate fried food
9. Eliminate chips
10. Eat small, frequent meals
11. Wrap with lettuce
12. Drink Red Wine
13. Eat Grapefruit
14. Eat organic eggs
15. Eat whole foods
16. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables
17. Limit added sugar
18. Drink less coffee
19. Eat dark chocolate
20. Eat seaweed often
21. Choose brown rice over white
22. Go organic
23. Eat more nuts and seeds
24. Drink Lemon Juice
25. Eat Almonds
26. Eat Blueberries
27. Eat oatmeal with yogurt
28. Don’t drink soda
29. Eat raw honey
30. When you think you’re hungry drink water.
31. Carry food with you (healthy ones)
32. Avoid high fructose corn syrup
33. Add pumpkin seeds in your diet
34. Add ground flax seed or flax oil to your diet
35. Always combine carbohydrates with protein and/or fat
36. Avoid alcohol
37. Stop eating when you’ve had just enough
38. Don’t fight stress by eating
39. Stop drinking your calories
40. Choose lean meats
41. Eat fermented foods
42. Eliminate all refined sugar
43. Skip the juice: eat whole fruit
44. Sprinkle olive oil on your greens
45. Stop dieting to lose weight
46. Choose steaming over frying or baking
47. Eat breakfast every day
48. Cook with coconut oil
49. Eat chilies
50. Eliminate trans fatty acids completely
51. Choose white meat
52. Eat enough calories
53. Eliminate white flour and white sugar
54. Less Salt
55. Eat fish every week
56. Eat only when you are hungry
57. Eat sprouts
58. Eat whole grains
59. Don’t starve
60. Eat more fiber
61. Eliminate Margarine
62. Never Shop on Empty Stomach
63. Use your food as medicine
64. Be in nature as much as possible
65. Breathe deeply as often as you can
66. Do exercise regularly
67. Eat after exercise
68. Educate yourself about health and nutrition
69. Get a hobby
70. Get a massage from time to time
71. Get direct sunlight on your body every day if you can
72. Laugh, as much, as loudly and as often as you can
73. Learn how to breathe correctly
74. Look for natural remedies
75. Make more love with your partner
76. Put your mobile phone away when sleeping
77. Sleep Enough
78. Sleep on the right side of your body
79. Strength train
80. Stretch when you wake up
81. Take a walk
82. Turn off the TV
83. Avoid plastic (bottles)
84. Take the stairs
85. Jump rope
86. Think Positive
87. Quit Smoking
88. Warm up before exercise
89. Listen music
90. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet
91. Wash your hands
92. Spend time with friends
93. Set Goals
94. Wear comfortable shoes
95. Less Cardio, More Sprints
96. Don’t sit too long
97. Less Video Games
98. Practice Yoga
99. Take active breaks
100. Less Internet
101. Do everything in moderation